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23 Nov 2022

A few small updates have just been deployed: Resolved: Location Consumers can confirm species as per Location Moderator privileges Resolved: All users can confirm any species from within Sighting Edit page Resolved: Category moderators can bypass ID workflow and confirm a sighting as any specie...

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Updated and fully refreshed ALA data set21 Nov 2022

App update available! V4.1.130 Aug 2022

App issue reported19 Aug 2022

Please Collect Gang-gang feathers for genetic research5 Aug 2022

Latest discussion

24 Nov 2022
That's fantastic Aaron, many thanks for all your efforts.

Minor updates
Tapirlord wrote:
2 Nov 2022
Maybe C.apiculatum. Its one of those weird western forms.

Chrysocephalum apiculatum
Tapirlord wrote:
2 Nov 2022
A pultenaea, perhaps Pultenaea largiflorens

Pultenaea sp. (TBC)
Tapirlord wrote:
2 Nov 2022
Marsilea drummondii

Marsilea sp. (TBC)
AaronClausen wrote:
9 Oct 2022
Hi All, the image rotation issue has been resolved. Thanks for your patience.

App update available! V4.1.1
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