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Research shows many benefits in being a citizen scientist

 1 Apr 2021

Naturemapr paticipants were contributors to this German study on how those involved in citizen science benefit. The study found that involvement in one of the surveyed 63 citizen science projects in Europe, Australia and New Zealand 

- increased knowledge about science and the environment

- gained or improved scientific skills

- improved confidence that  actions taken by a person will have an effect

- increased interest in and motivation for science and environment; and

- changed their actions towards the environment

The reserach can be downloaded from the link below or I can email you a copy (it is 1.8M in size)

Peter M, Diekötter T, Höffler T,

Kremer K. Biodiversity citizen science: Outcomes for the

participating citizens. People Nat. 2021;00:1–18.




   1 Apr 2021
That makes sense.
Kyliegw wrote:
   2 Apr 2021
Most definately changed me. I don't swat or kill half as many flies or spiders, instead whip out a camera to take a photo! I am currently reading Erica McAlister's The Secret Life Of Flies (its great!) having seen so many beautiful flies and mosquitos (and their relatives) since Sept 2020, and have improved my knowledge of general critters and what is in my own local area. And I can share this info with like minded people on Naturemap!

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